Some tips on caring for Ragdoll cats

Cats are notorious for being snobbish–but not Ragdoll cats. Known to be very affectionate, Ragdolls are called puppy cats. They play without baring their claws, follow their owners from room to room, and get along well with humans and other pets.

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Ragdoll cats are called so because of their nature of becoming limp when picked up. They can grow three times the size of a normal cat, but they are gentle giants. These qualities make them a perfect pet for families.

What’s more, caring for Ragdolls is very easy. Here are some tips:

Always find time for them. Ragdolls love social interactions, and they need some more quality time than other breeds. Make sure to play with them every day.

Groom them regularly. One will be surprised at how easy it is to groom a Ragdoll. Its coat is naturally plush, so just combing it with a steel comb to remove loose hair and tangles will do.

Don’t let them wander outdoors alone. Because of their gentle demeanor, ragdoll cats are most vulnerable in the outdoors. They might not be able to protect themselves from potential threats and attacks outside, so always go with them.

Get them some toys to play with. Ragdolls are fun-loving cats. But make sure they don’t look for fun in the wrong places. Like puppies, they like to play fetch, so they’ll find delight in tiny, lightweight toys they can carry around in their mouths.

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Health issues? Just watch out for some signs. Normally, Ragdoll cats do not get sick easily. But take them to a vet when they have runny nose, have loose stools, or are sluggish for days. For older Ragdolls, watch out for signs of heart disease.

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