Making Healthy, Friendly Felines a Part of the Family

Cats have evolved over time into unofficial members of families throughout the world. They can be lovable, playful, intimate, and compatible with other pets in the home, and bring warmth, compassion, and inspiration to many individuals looking for unconditional, unwavering love. Some people find the passive nature and laid-back attitudes of felines quite compelling and direct reflections of themselves, making them the perfect addition to their personality and environment.

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Breeding rare cats has developed into a high-demand market due to the vast number of pedigrees available out there. Breeding cats, however, is a highly-sensitive matter that should only be carried out by experts versed in veterinarian medicine who have an extensive knowledge of the many diseases that can affect specific animals and how short and long-term steps can be taken to prevent and even curb certain ailments.

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The Ragdoll, a purebred line developed in the 1960s, combines the positive qualities of several other pedigreed cats to produce a line with canine-like, laid back temperaments with a soft, plush, coat with little shedding that many who are allergic to cats can better acclimate to. Dr. Jennifer Creed, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and an experienced, professional breeder of Ragdolls for over 20 years now, has made it her goal to give cat lovers a healthy and compatible companion for years to come.

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Dr. Jennifer Creed has committed her time and energy towards the health and well-being of animals throughout her career, while embracing a shared love for the feline friend and making rare cats like Ragdolls available to individuals who recognize the rarity and authenticity of this special breed. Most importantly, she understand the many health issues that can arise when breeding a line of such a sensitive nature, and has done all she can to make healthy Ragdolls a member of family households since 1994.

To learn more about Dr. Jennifer Creed and her devotion to animal health and the safe breeding of Ragdoll cats, visit her website to see how her knowledgeable and experienced services can help make a unique Ragdoll cat a loving member of your family.