How to keep cats active and happy indoors

Should pet cats stay indoors? If you want them to live long, be spared from outdoor hazards, and stay far from risks of contracting parasites and infectious diseases, then it’s a wise decision to keep them so.

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Only bear in mind that keeping the cat in the house doesn’t have to mean kitty has to miss out on all the fun and die of boredom. Here are tips to keep them happy, alert, and active:

Start young. Mind conditioning works well even for felines. When kept indoors, kittens get more accustomed to the house and would most likely not think of wandering outside when they get older.

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Provide diversion. TV, video games, and other gears and gadgets make humans happy to stay indoors. A well-stocked pantry does, too. In comparison, cats would appreciate any available form of amusement to while away the time at home. Offer them scratch pads, boxes, balls, or anything they can lay their playful paws on. And since they prefer nibbles to full meals, feed them with several small snacks, or give them food toys to chomp on.

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Bring the outdoors in. Felines enjoy grazing, so make a happy spot for them by planting cat grass and catnip in indoor pots. Put them near the window so they can get a good peek of the world outdoors. Also, buy or make them a cat tree. Cats love to climb and play predator, so they would love the idea. You would, too, as it can prevent the cat from climbing cabinets and tabletops (and breaking a vase or precious chinaware as a result).

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