Introducing a Rescue Cat to a New Home

New Cat pic

New Cat, New Home

For more than 15 years, Dr. Jennifer Creed has served as a small animal veterinarian in Illinois. When she is not caring for and treating patients, Dr. Jennifer Creed remains involved in animal welfare by rescuing cats.

As one Illinois-based animal rescue organization outlines in its adoption manual, care should be taken to ensure proper adjustment during the first few days or weeks following adoption of a rescue cat.

Upon first introducing the cat to its new environment, it is important to remember she may have been through a trying or traumatic experience prior to rescue. Though owners will want to shower love on their newest family member, overwhelming the animal with attention can also be detrimental.

The cat should be given space to explore her strange, new environment. A single room can be designated the adjustment space, and it should have all the necessities: food, water, litter, and toys.

Once the cat has begun acting normally by eating, drinking, and using the litter box with ease and regularity, it is likely she has adjusted to her new home.