Where to Purchase Your Purebred Cat

Purebred Cat pic

Purebred Cat
Image: catster.com

Dr. Jennifer Creed is an experienced veterinarian who routinely takes courses and workshops to keep current of the advances in veterinary medicine. Working as a locum veterinarian at A Plus Petvet, Dr. Jennifer Creed regularly cares for all types of animals, including purebred felines.

Purebred felines are a specialty of Dr. Creed’s, as she works both in breeding and rescuing them, even going so far as to giving veterinary presentations at cat shows to increase the awareness of purebred needs and their specific health concerns. She also stresses the importance of purchasing or adopting cats from reputable breeders rather than other sources, such as craigslist.

Purebred and non-pedigreed cats alike can attain the same general diseases and health concerns such as upper respiratory disease, HCM (a heart disease), and FIP (feline infectious peritonitis). While experienced and reputable breeders actively work to keep their felines healthy, cats adopted from other sources oftentimes have poor health or multiple diseases. When this is the case, the veterinary bills needed to restore the cat’s health can easily outweigh the low initial purchase cost. In addition to providing healthy cats, quality breeders will also provide well-socialized cats that are easy to integrate into a family home, as well as invaluable assistance in caring for the new pet.


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