Dr. Jennifer Creed Featured in Voyage Chicago


Dr Jennifer Creed

Dr. Jennifer Creed leverages extensive experience to her role as a veterinarian with A Plus Petvet in the Chicago area. In addition, she is a Ragdoll cat breeder. Recently, the online publication Voyage Chicago featured Dr. Jennifer Creed in an interview that highlighted her career and background.

In the interview, Dr. Creed explained how she began breeding Ragdoll cats. An animal enthusiast since childhood, she was never able to keep a cat as a pet because her brother had severe asthma. However, after completing veterinary school she obtained her first Ragdoll cat. Within a few years, she had added several more of that breed to her household. Since Dr. Creed has always enjoyed taking care of babies of all kinds, her combination of veterinary experience and passion for cats made breeding Ragdolls a natural fit.

Dr. Creed believes she is the only veterinarian-breeder in the state of Illinois. Her unique professional expertise is particularly useful when she is working with Ragdoll kittens and their new owners. She is also familiar with and works with many, many breeders and rescue organizations in her veterinary practice In addition to offering new Ragdoll owners advice and guidance on how to best care for their cats, she draws upon her own experience to lecture at cat shows and consult with other breeders in the MIdwest.


AVMA Convention 2017 in Indianapolis, Indiana

American Veterinary Medical Association  pic

American Veterinary Medical Association
Image: avma.org

An experienced veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Creed also breeds and rescues Ragdoll cats. She is often invited to speak at cat shows to share her expertise on purebred felines. Dr. Jennifer Creed is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

Founded in 1863, the nonprofit AVMA represents more than 89,000 veterinarian members, serving as the united voice for the profession. The AVMA Convention 2017 takes place July 21-25 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. The convention caters to veterinarians of all interests, featuring lectures delivered by acknowledge experts, responsive sessions, hands-on laboratories, and the opportunity to network with fellow practitioners.

With over 700 education sessions arranged in nine content tracks, attendees can earn more than 40 CE hours. The exhibit hall features the latest products in the field. A “live” veterinary clinic will allow participants to experience how these cutting-edge products work in an actual clinical setting and help veterinarians decide if the products are appropriate for their practices.

The keynote speaker is professor and National Geographic explorer Paul Sereno. His talk will include topics on paleontology, ancient DNA, and the latest developments in genetics.

American Veterinary Medical Association Hosts Annual Conference

American Veterinary Medical Association pic

American Veterinary Medical Association
Image: avma.org

With more than 15 years of experience working in emergency veterinary medicine, Dr. Jennifer Creed most recently worked at Emergency Veterinary Services in Lisle, Illinois. Since 1993, Dr. Jennifer Creed has maintained membership with the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

Established in 1863, the AVMA is a nonprofit organization that represents more than 88,000 veterinarians. It advocates for its members and seeks to improve the practice of veterinary medicine. The AVMA also serves as the accrediting body for more than 45 veterinary colleges.

One of the ways the AVMA is able to reach out to its members is through its annual convention. This year’s conference was held on August 5 – 9, 2016, in San Antonio, Texas. The annual convention features a variety of exhibitors, all showcasing their products, equipment, and services for those interested in veterinary medicine and care. In addition, the convention typically offers hands-on labs, lectures, and interactive sessions, so members can learn first-hand about trends in the industry. Attendees also have an opportunity to fulfill continuing education (CE) requirements and network with others. The 2017 convention is scheduled for July 21 – 25 in Indianapolis, Indiana.